Owner operator

The Owner Trucker program is aimed at independent truck owners and small and large business owners.

This program contributes to facilitating confidence on the roads, providing road assistance on highways, and assisting owners in cases of emergency.

The program provides roadside assistance as soon as possible.

The satellite assistance program maintains permanent contact through the Operations Center between truck drivers and tow trucks, to assist you at any time.

Our program gives you confidence and security.

We offer:

  • 1 GPS device
  • 1 SIM card pays for 1 year
  • 1 mobile app
  •   24-hour satellite platform
  •   24-hour operations center
Gps-assistance Payment

We work with the best truck towing and towing companies throughout the United States of America.



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Prices for Heavy Trucks and Cranes

Notice: Heavy Transport and Heavy Transport Cranes have a special price of $1,500 / year.

Heavy hauling has 2 trailers per year or 100 miles