Towing services

We have a wide network of Associates in Towings Services, which allows us to cover the needs of our clients at the time it is needed and in the most remote places of our Geography.

Every day, we add more Associates to further expand our service coverage.

Assistance and Towing Services We Offer:
  • Local and/or Long Distance Vehicle Towing
  • Flat Bed Trailer
  • Key and Locksmith Service
  • Battery Boost Charging Services (JumpStart)
  • Winches & Dollies
  • Medium and Large Crane Trucks
  • Crane Services
  • Heavy Vehicle Towing/Rescue
  • Rescue/Towing of Semi-Heavy Vehicles.
  • Rescue/Towing of Light Vehicles
  • Rescue/Accident Towing
  • Fuel Supply Delivery
  • Tire repair.

How much does a tow truck charge per mile?
Tow truck prices in the United States are typically quoted per mile of travel. The average cost is as follows:

Local towing (5 to 10 miles): Between 50 to 125 $.
Long haul towing: $75 connection fee and $2 to $4 per mile.

For example, an average 40 mile tow can be anywhere from $125 to $350.

With our Plan you will not pay anything

If you have a tow truck, you can work with us, as associated tow trucks.
We guarantee work all year round, you must be available 24/7.

  • Clean license

Honesty and seriousness
$ 150 annual membership fee.

Our partners have:

  • 1 Mobile app
  • 1 Satellite Platform 24 Hours of services
  • 1 Operations Center 24 hours of service. Read more