We work with you on the road

The hardworking owners of Box Trucks and Cargo Vans have a great ally with us, they can be calm on the road and drive safely.
We offer company 24/7 and remain attentive to any emergency that occurs along the way.

You can count on our team, which will remain at your side at all times, via satellite.

We offer trust and security for you.
Cargo Vans and Box Trucks travel without problems with us.
Our staff monitors each vehicle and communicates with our associated tow trucks closest to you whenever you require it.

As our slogan says, “With you in every moment.”

Why it is important to be a member of Gps-assistance. Our team maintains constant monitoring of each of our affiliates. We are attentive to any call you make to us or any emergency that arises. Our liaison with associated cranes and associated mechanics is to attend to your request immediately.


Cargo Vans

Box Truck/Cargo Van in gps-assistance.net

Tranquility at all times

Why call, if we are always there.

Assistance anywhere

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