The disappearance of children is a difficult concern to combat, however, we can prevent this harsh reality.

Around the world, many children go missing each year: Abductions by relatives or others outside your household.

The kidnapper or Pidofilo, stalks his victims for days or weeks in order to achieve his purpose.
Most of the disappearances happen close to home, on the way to school or in an oversight of their parents on a walk anywhere in the city.


Our work:

Tracking, location and alert 24 hours.
We have a permanent assistance and surveillance team, attentive to any possible emergency.

Between you and us we take care of monitoring and caring for your children.

We keep Geo-fences of areas, where your children move: Your home, your school and your recreation area.
Any change outside of these areas triggers our alarms.

1. We offer 24/7 days tracking and protection.
2. Gps tracker with wide coverage built-in chip.
3. Long battery life of 7 days.

Our Kit:
1 Sim Card for 1 year.
1 Cover