Now you won't be alone...

  Join the most trusted company in America. Our prices are the best. Roadside assistance…. Also at home. 24 Hour monitoring and alert to: Children, Elderly, Pets and Transportation  

We are the best

What we do:

We integrate into our company, tracking factors for children, the elderly, transportation, security, and services, for your peace of mind.

Now you are no longer alone on the road.

We are here to help you, we have a great assistance team to provide you with security and attention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for your peace of mind. We provide assistance on every trip. WE HAVE HIGHLY QUALIFIED STAFF.

We guarantee your peace of mind on every trip.

We monitor every vehicle, every truck. We have the best team of cranes and trailers to give you the attention you deserve when you need it most. Our plans include mechanical assistance in (hand labor). We are with you, from the beginning to the end of your journey.

Family is the foundation of society.
Our grandparents, young people and children, also need family care.
For these and many reasons, we offer the family care plan to know where our loved ones are.



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Our GPS satellite tracking service allows us to know your location and provide you with immediate attention when you need it most.

The platform works 24 hours a day, providing security and confidence to customers.

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If you have a Tow Truck, join the team.
Plataforma satelital

We provide tracking and security service to Trucks, Cars, Motorcycles, Taxis, Car Rentals, Truck Fleets and more…

We specialize in 24-hour roadside assistance and provide mechanical service in labor.


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HotShot carriers are now also supported by roadside assistance.

HotShot’s biggest concern is being stranded on the road without being able to count on the support of being rescued.

Towing expenses are no longer a problem.
Now that concern is a thing of the past. HotShot drivers can count on us.

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Truck tracking and roadside assistance
Truck tracking and roadside assistance

Heavy Transport now has with us a great ally on the road.

Real-time tracking and roadside assistance are top priorities.

We guarantee:

immediate attention
Quick response and the confidence that now you are not alone.

Towing expenses are no longer a problem.

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The Gps-Assistance Operation Center works 24 hours a day, observing each alert that may be generated on the tracking monitors.

Each alert is observed, tracked and attended to immediately, for the peace of mind of our drivers.
We have a network of associated Cranes and Trailers, which guarantee a prompt response to possible eventualities that may arise.

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System usage examples

Protect property

Monitor travel of company cars

Pet loss prevention

Protect family members, kids, elders

24 hour roadside assistance

24 hours mechanical assistance in your home

Our Members Club

Be part of our Members Club, in them you can count on the help of the members and find cheaper solutions in the most difficult moments.

“Being part of this group gives you peace of mind on your trips, as well as on your deliveries. We provide shared solutions that give confidence and contribute to the growth of your small business. “

“Being on the road for so many hours always worries us that our vehicle will break down. In our Club you will always find a member willing to provide you with that expected help.”

If you have your own mechanical workshop or are an independent automotive mechanic, you can be part of this Club and contribute to strengthening your company and yourself.

Why are we important?

Because the protection of children interests us


The disappearance of children is a difficult concern to combat, however, we can prevent this harsh reality.


More than 2,000 children or youth under the age of 17 go missing each day in the United States. The year 2020 ended with 365,348 reports of minors whose whereabouts are unknown.

Thousands of children go missing every year

The concern for each disappearance of a minor grows. Human trafficking networks are also a reality. There are reports of kidnapped girls. There are countless witnesses who have been able to see the kidnapper. These events occur in the most impoverished areas of the United States,